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Roland - Tantra Teacher

 Roland - Tantra Magick

Roland Richardson

I started life as a musician, (almost literally - I began training as a classical musician age 3 1/2!) my first professional engagement at eight years old was playing salon piano on a cruise ship. I pursued a successful musical career as a guitarist from the age of sixteen until I was thirty two.

At eleven I began a deep study of Magick and have continued to practise to this day.  When I turned nineteen I dedicated the Sacred Oath to the Goddess and have been devoted to Her ever since.

In 1977 I stepped onto the path of Thelema and practised all aspects of this great work, including Sex Magick.

From 1981 to 1987 I  commenced the most comprehensive and intensive esoteric, spiritual training on the planet, under The Golden Dawn.  During this time I also became a brother of the order of the Knight Rose and Cross.

In 1990 I began serious study of tantra as a spiritual lifestyle, both taoist and Indian, including tantric healing and massage, which I now offer professionally.

After becoming a father to twin boys in 1990 I could no longer continue as a touring musician, so I changed career and began working with computers. I spent many years at the top of my game as a consultant and saw a lot of the world (that CV would not hold much interest here!)

Motorcycles have always been a source and symbol of freedom, love, and passion in my life, right there next to music (I still play). I built my first motorcycle at age 14 (for those interested in such things it was a BSA Bantam frame with a Triumph tank and parts) and have ridden Brit bikes ever since. I currently ride a slightly evil, matt-black and bare metal Harley.  One of the most transformational experiences of my life was joining a unique bike club, which had a spiritual foundation.  We were the demon hunting dogs that guard the gateway to the Celtic cross between Valhalla and the mystical land of milk, honey, and truth - the magical gateway opens twice a year and one year, one Spring, I just stepped through.  My perspective on life changed forever.

My boys had grown up and it was time to stop killing myself working in the IT termite mound. I stepped off the cliff into the unknown - to fall or fly, I had no idea what would happen...

The next day I met Kavida Rei.

Three weeks after connecting with Kavida we found ourselves in an ashram on a tantric meditation retreat in Northern India. From there we travelled up into the Himalayan mountains to perform Magick of the most intense kind with eagles gliding in the air outside our mountain-top nest.

Two hawks of Horus took flight above our heads and we have been flying together ever since, bringing together magick and mysticism in the most profound ways, including giving healing sessions, advanced tantra groups and spiritual retreats.

I have been quietly teaching advanced, experiential tantra in sacred union with Kavida for two years now. I am a founding member of tantra-mens’ group – Tantric Knights. I manage and develop the Kavida Rei internet empire as well as running the now legendary tantra nights - Sensual Soirees.

Our tantra temple is growing...

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